Hypnosis for Insomnia

Sleep is essential to sustain physical and mental health. Lost sleep cannot be made up and can be a factor in premature ageing.

There are many causes of insomnia: anxiety, depression, and stress lead the list.

Insomnia is a very common condition. While sleeping tablets will help in the short term, prolonged use will nullify the effects and greater doses need to be taken. Most people would rather avoid taking chemicals to get a good night’s sleep.

Most of the time, insomnia is caused by the way the person is thinking and feeling as they try to get to sleep. Sometimes they are dwelling upon some upsetting incident or situation, real or imagined, past, present or future. Sometimes they feel overwhelmed by many thoughts racing through the mind. Insomnia is usually just habituated patterns of thinking.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help Insomnia?

Hypnotherapy is an excellent way of dealing with the problem of insomnia. Hypnosis is indeed very relaxing, making sleep come easier and has no harmful side effects. It also helps you into a healthy sleeping pattern. Your subconscious controls your sleep patterns and has a memory for virtually everything you do, and that includes a memory of nice, deep, restful sleep.

With the use of Hypnotherapy, you can experience significantly improved sleep, mood, and energy. In addition, every night when you listen to the customized self-hypnosis CD we provide, the CD will guide you to deep, restful sleep, easily and effortlessly.

In our sessions, we focus on training the mind to move away from the “insomnia patterns” and think differently by combining hypnosis, counselling and coaching techniques. Through counselling and coaching, we consciously show you how changes in the way that you are thinking create changes in the way you are feeling. Through hypnosis, we help you to re-pattern the thinking / feeling processes to allow you to get rid of the old insomnia patterns, and sleep easily when you want to.

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